Name: Reto Reist  
Instrument: Vocals
Birthday: 23 May
Inspired of: Jeff Scott Soto, Steve Lee

Music, Harley Davidson, Whisky


Motto:                You are what you think.

Name: Beat Heiniger  
Instrument: Guitar, Producer
Birthday: 13 December
Inspired of: George Lynch, Europe, Creed
Hobbies: Guitar, Cats, Cars


Motto:                Live and let live (except the mosquitoes in the bedroom).

Name: Oli Linder
Instrument:: Bass
Birthday: 19 February
Inspired of: Jason Newsted (Metallica), NWoBHM Bay Area Trash Metal
Hobbies: Music = attitude towards life, passion, dream


Motto:               Life is too short to be angry about it.

Name: Patrick Meier  
Instrument: Drum
Birthday: 15. January
Inspired of: Gotthard, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down
Hobbies: drums, music


Motto:                Live your own life - not that of others.