Name: Reto Reist  
Instrument: Vocals
Birthday: 23 May
Address: Zollbrück BE
Inspired of: Jeff Scott Soto, Steve Lee
Hobbies: Music, Dog, Harley Davidson, Whisky


Name: Beat Heiniger  
Instrument: Guitar, Producer
Birthday: 13 December
Address: Trachselwald BE
Inspired of: George Lynch, Europe, Creed
Hobbies: Guitar, Cars


Name: Markus Grimm  
Instrument:: Bass
Birthday: 16 April
Address: Langnau i.E.
Inspired of: Marcel Jacob, Dave Meros
Hobbies: Music, Computer



Name: Patrick Meier  
Instrument: Drum
Birthday: 15. January
Address: Möhlin AG
Inspired of: Gotthard, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down
Hobbies: drums, Music